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Rodes Less Traveled, Season 1, Episode 6


Joe and Ryan visit Owensboro and discuss the ‘Cats with DCPL star Jarrod McCarty (no relation to Walter). We talk the Bahamas trip, UK hoops, UK football, and other miscellanea, because that’s how we roll.


Rodes Less Traveled, Season 1, Episode 5

Rodes Less Traveled, Season 1, Episode 5

Joe and Ryan podcast on the heels of the Southern Kentucky Book Fest. They discuss UK’s returning players and the 2014-15 team, as well as the Book Fest, books, baseball, barbecue, and probably other things that start with the letter “b”. Who knows.

Hijinks follow, because they always do.


Rodes Less Traveled– Season 1, Episode 4

Rodes Less Traveled- Season 1, Episode 4

Podcasting from the first annual Initial Lincoln Book Festival in Stanford, Ky. This week, Joe and Ryan do a segment ranking (and discussing) the greatest shots in UK basketball history. After two brief breaks to sell books (not actually included, but if it’s a little jumpy in the middle, that’s why), we go in a different direction and discuss ’90s music. Joe says something fairly tasteless about Nirvana and otherwise thumps a couple of ’90s sacred musical cows. Ryan is disbelieving. Hijinks follow, because they always do, especially in Stanford.